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ATV 4k vs Shield for MrMC

Posted: 24 May 2018, 20:50
by hifiaudio2
Is there a "best" device between these two? I have been a long time Android TV / Shield user along with Kodi and SPMC.. but I never use any Kodi add ons except for EMBY. So MrMC sounds like a great fit for me... but I had always assumed the ATV couldnt natively play back my MKV files without transcoding and I didnt think it could pass through all the latest audio codecs. Am I correct that with MrMc, the ATV 4k can playback pretty much everything that the Shield can, without transcoding? So HEVC 10bit, HDR/SDR, Rec 2020, Atmos, SDTS-X, etc? If that is true... what are the current pros and cons of either device? Thanks!