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New user with Apple TV coming from VLC

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New user with Apple TV coming from VLC

Post by Rughead » 12 Dec 2017, 01:29

Hi all.

I have a gen 4 Apple TV, and I have been using vlc to play movies from my asus Router with a built in DLNA server and usb hdd full of mkv files. Something happened to VLC, and it crashes constantly so I decided on MrMc and so far, I like it except that I’m not getting and artwork, ratings etc. I like the added customization options of this app. And I’m really looking forward to getting them working

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Re: New user with Apple TV coming from VLC

Post by amet » 12 Dec 2017, 05:09

To get the posters, ratings and other library features you need to setup sources for Movies and Tv shows and DLNA is not the right choice for that, you need to share it using SMB or NFS. Once you add the source using one of those 2 protocols you will be able to set the content of it (movies or tv shows) and MrMC will automatically get the library setup.

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