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New user happy but small problem

Posted: 28 Nov 2017, 20:32
by goldenyann
Hello everyone,

I have been using MrMC for two or three weeks and I am very happy.

I've been using Kodi (XBMC) for 10 years on Mac Mini and Nvidia Shield, and for two weeks on Apple TV 4K.
I particularly enjoy passthrough for HD audio sources.

I just have a problem, I do not know if someone is in the same situation as me ...

I use the skin Amber, and for movies, I use the "little list" and normally I should have the "poster" on the left but instead I have the "thumb" completely distorted that appears.

I have the same problem for all other types of views.

The only films that correctly display the "poster" are those who do not have a "thumb" record in their folder!

I searched in all the settings and I found no solution. Yet full of Amber presentation video on Youtube clearly shows that it is the file "poster" that should be displayed with the AMber skin at this location?

If anyone has a solution for me I thank him in advance.

Thank you for reading me and sorry for my english.


Re: New user happy but small problem

Posted: 29 Nov 2017, 04:39
by amet
Could you share some photos of what it looks like please so that we can try to reproduce and maybe what you expect to see

Re: New user happy but small problem

Posted: 29 Nov 2017, 09:53
by goldenyann

I finally found a solution ...
I delete all the "thumb" in the folders of my videos as I never use this type of additional view it does not matter.

so sorry but I will not be able to show you a picture because I do not intend to put them back ;-)

Thank you anyway.

Re: New user happy but small problem

Posted: 29 Nov 2017, 09:58
by goldenyann
now everything works perfectly i just think that amber first chose the file "thumb.jpg" if it is present by default and then only the file "name of the movie - poster.jpg" if it did not find any file "thumb".