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Select PleX Server?

Support for the native Plex Client on any platform
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Select PleX Server?

Post by pmcdunnough » 12 Mar 2017, 23:38

I finally bit the bullet and am moving away from MySQL to using a PMS to keep my MrMC's in sync. There doesn't seem to be a way of selecting a PMS as a default one for MrMC. So, if you have multiple servers then if you click Movies you get a list of servers with movies and then you have to click on the one you want. Would it be possible to have a way of selecting a default server? Also, there doesn't seem to be any way of bypassing a login to PleX.tv, even if you are only interested in local servers. PleX also forces this though the desktop versions allow for a manual selection of the server.

Finally, Music Videos get lumped under Movies for some reason. There is an option in MrMC for a Custom selection when clicking Movies but it doesn't appear to do anything at the moment. It seems to just display every video source. Be nice if you could pick one and have it appear.

All in all it's very neat. Certainly makes the SQL approach appear archaic.
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Re: Select PleX Server?

Post by davilla » 13 Mar 2017, 00:12

Plex Server management is something we left to the actual Plex Server. Assign a user, define what that user can see, switch to that user. Basically, you login as a user and get what that user can see (as defined by Plex).

I do that for testing. One users can see all, another for 'kids' and another for best WAF.

The issue about letting Plex server visibility being a MrMC user function is having to keep track to which servers are see for each plex user. Then some method for showing hidden ones. It gets really complicated.

To by-pass PleX.tv, use Plex GDM method. It only works for local Plex servers as socket broadcasts will not pass between subnets.

As for Music Videos, we ask Plex Server for Movies, it includes Music Videos as "Movies". I'm not sure there is a way to tell a Music Video from a real Movie. If there is no tag, we can't tell them apart.

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Re: Select PleX Server?

Post by pmcdunnough » 13 Mar 2017, 00:28


MrMC on my Shield and Fire TV yield ratings in a list. On the Apple TV I only get them when I use Fan Art View. Seems odd.

The trouble with using local discovery is I end back with two servers. I set up a different user and only allowed it access to one of the servers and that works but Inseem to have to sign in to PleX for that.

If you turn off the checking with a PleX option do updates get pushed from the server to MrMC?

Edit: Whoops was using Amber on the Shield and Fire TV. You get the ratings there. Odd that it is skin dependent.

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