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Unable to get PCM audio on Fire TV 4K Stick

Any issues that are FireTV specific
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Unable to get PCM audio on Fire TV 4K Stick

Post by walterfrosch » 15 May 2019, 15:25

Hi all,

I tried to search for this issue but couldn't fnd an answer. If this a known issue or if there are answers for this somewhere else, please be so kind and direct me towards those.

I am running mrmc (tried both lite and full) on an Amazon Fire TV 4K Stick (Fire OS NS6263/2349). Audo is set to "Best available" in the Display & Sounds settings to avoid the FTV from overriding PCM with DD+.

Now I am aware that the FTV 4K Stick is not able to passthrough HD formats. However, as far as I understand it should be possible to output losless audio via PCM when de-activating passthrough in the "System - Audio output" settings of mrmc.

Unfortunately, if I deactivate passthrough for everything except for AC3, for both DTS-HD MA and Dolby True HD my AVR shows that the input coming from the Fire TV is DD+5.1. If I switch on passthrough for DTS-HD, mrmc correctly and expectedly passes on the DTS core of DTS-HD MA to my AVR. If I turn on passthrough for TrueHD the input my AVR receives shows up as DD+ Stereo.

These are my settings under Audio Output:
Number of channels: 7.1
Output configuration: Best match
Stereo upmix: N
Maintain original volume on downmix: Y
Boost voice channel: 0dB
Resample quality: High
threshold for pitch correction: 2
Keep audio device alive: 1 Minute
-Level of inaudible silence: Default
Support 8 channel DTS-HD audio encoding: N (but I've tried it "On" as well)
Play GUI sounds: Only when playback stopped
Enable passthrough: Y
Passthrough format is IEC packed: N (tried both)
AC3 capable receiver: Y
E-AC3 capable receiver: Y
DTS capable receiver: N
TrueHD capable receiver: N
DTS-HD capable receiver: N

"Video - Playback" -> "Adjust display refresh rate" is usually set to "On Start/Stop" but I have playerd around with all options there, as well. (don't think that matters but wanted to mention it)

I've also tried virtually the same settings (where applicable) on Kodi 18.2 on the same hardware and am able to output PCM to my AVR for HD formats, which is why I am wondering why it does not work with mrmc.

Is there something I am missing?

I'd like to use mrmc and being able to use HD audio (at least via PCM) would be a major plus.

Thank you for your help

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Re: Unable to get PCM audio on Fire TV 4K Stick

Post by koying » 20 May 2019, 09:58

DD+? That would be the stick transcoding, then, not MrMC.
What's happening if you set the speaker config to 5.1?

debuglog might tell us more

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