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Wish list for version 3.7.2

Any issues that are FireTV specific
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Wish list for version 3.7.2

Post by alekseyz » 02 Feb 2019, 13:08

There are a few minor annoyances that are still in the 3.7.1 version, compared to convenience of SPMC. My wish list for the next version of MrMC:

1. Allow keymap editor to map color (redA, green B, etc) TV remote HDMI CEC buttons. I was usually mapping green A button to context menu on my Samsung TVs, as there is no other way to get to it with Samsung remote. It worked with SPMC, button code 61667 but does not work with MrMC
2. On new fire TV stick 4K playback is problematic unless i disable automatic framerate switching. With autoframerate 24p playback is jerky, and 3840p24 files play at 60fps. Audio passtrough of Ac3 or dts results in choppyvideo that eventually hands. Without autoframerate and passthrough everything seems to work, except for bluray iso playback which results in blocky video.

Fire stick 4k has much more powerful cpu and therefore can handle yadif2x software deinterlacing/lanczos scaling of hd video. It is now a very popular device, so many users will try MrMC on it.

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