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TV shows are not being added to library

Any issues that are FireTV specific
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Re: TV shows are not being added to library

Post by TrevorDanger » 19 Apr 2018, 18:03

So, been a couple of weeks. Any chance the updated version (whenever Amazon allows it) will fix this, or am I forced to keep using Plex?

The C Man
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Re: TV shows are not being added to library

Post by The C Man » 22 Apr 2019, 12:57

New to this Forum so apologies if I get this wrong.

Had a similar problem with one library. Cured by changing the name of the problem one so I could recognise it and then created a new library. Once I checked it was adding new files I deleted the old one. Sorry it only a workaround.

Incidentally, my film libraries are organised by years to make them easier to find and create smaller directories.

Now for the update. One server would not Scan new files until I went into Properties for the folder and cancelled "Read only" for everything.

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