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Sync to display and 50 Hz doing 3:2 pull down instead of frame doubling (and the 4 % speed increase needed)

Any issues that are tvOS specific
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Sync to display and 50 Hz doing 3:2 pull down instead of frame doubling (and the 4 % speed increase needed)

Post by Spindel » 26 Nov 2016, 07:52

So for various reasons (mainly living in europe and wanting european streaming channels) i have my ATV set to 50 Hz since i can't stand the stutter when playing back 50 Hz content on 60 Hz.

It works pretty well for me when playing back movies that are in 24 fps (or 23,9whatever). Normally you just notice ocational stutter on paning scenes, but for me it actually isn't a big deal in those cases.

But i decided to play around with the sync to display option and noticed (obvious) stutter from the 3:2 pull down when the ATV output is set to 50 Hz. The resampeled audiosignal to my AVR is also marked as 3:2 and i experience stuttering sound as well as stutering video.

If i set my ATV output to 60 Hz everything works as expected when sync to display i enabeled.

While fiddling around i noticed that the display information in "system information" menu shows my display as "1920x1080@0.00Hz". In other words MRMC does not seem to detect what refreahrate is set on the ATV. Is this corelated to MRMC always doing 3:2 pulldown, or is it a limitation in ATV api?

As i said, this is not a big deal, but is it possible to make MRMC detect refreshrate and either chose frame doubling and 4% speed up or 3:2 pulldown depending on what refreshrate is set?

In an ideal world it would be alowed to switch refreshrate on playback (like in regular kodi) or that I could chose different refresh rates for different apps upon launch.

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