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Episode Selection Issues/Suggestions

Any issues that are tvOS specific
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Episode Selection Issues/Suggestions

Post by timstephens24 » 14 Nov 2016, 21:37

I'm using Plex as my backend, and Amber as my skin. Also using the TestFlight 2.8.0 (161113.1842), but since this is something that I've just neglecting to bring up I'll just make a new topic. Here's some of the issues/suggestions I have:

For the settings Videos -> Library -> FLATTEN TV SHOW SEASONS set to 'ALWAYS' == nothing is flattened
For the settings Videos -> Library -> FLATTEN TV SHOW SEASONS set to 'IF ONLY ONE SEASON' == nothing is flattened

Also is there a way to change 'Unwatched' to be unwatched and something that is in progress? For example, I start something, but I need to go do something else, and I'm only 5 minutes into it. I'd like unwatched to also show that video, since I want to finish watching it, but I also don't want to go track it down with everything being shown instead of my normal setting of unwatched only for TV Shows.

Along the same lines as the previous, can the setting 'SELECT FIRST UNWATCHED TV SHOW SEASON/EPISODE' also select something that's in progress? Same reasoning as the previous request, I don't want to scroll through all the episodes to get to the in progress one that I only had playing for 2 minutes.

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