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TV shows missing after "Clear Library"

Any issues that are tvOS specific
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TV shows missing after "Clear Library"

Post by ameibein » 14 Aug 2016, 06:16

Hi All, I attempted to run a TV show which I think may have been deleted so I ran a "Clean library" and all my TV shows disappeared, when I updated the library no new TV shows were added. I can confirm they are all accessable via SMB share on the ATV4. As I'm running a mysql server I checked on my PC and the TV shows are missing also so it looks like they have gone from the database for some reason. Any ideas how I can get them back?

I ran an update library from my PC and only 2 TV Shows came back of about 50.. unsure whats going on.

Update 2:
So I gave up and added a source and made it scrapable to rebuild my library, but i've lost all my watched status's which is kind of annoying so if there is any way to get them back please let me know, leaving this here for bug fixing purposes.

Note to all: You may want to backup your library before running a Clean Library.


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