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Problems scraping properly named shows

Posted: 02 Jun 2019, 09:56
by msyeed
The last three seasons of shows (stored as ISOs) I scraped have been problematic, and all in different ways. I'm on the latest version, 3.8.1.

X-Files I had previously scraped all of season 1 and part of 2. A long time later, I tried to continue and scrape the rest of season 2 and 3, but no matches are found, despite the exact same naming scheme being used and matching episodes being found when I search tvdb.
Example filename: XFILES_S3E01E02E03E04.iso

Arrested Development Season 4 I had previously ripped and scanned the DVDs in Kodi, but bungled something and lost that info while migrating to MrMC. Went to rescan it, and the exact same filenames now match against Season 4 Remix, which has the wrong number of episodes, wrong titles, wrong lengths, etc. Again, a search of the tvdb shows that my filenames should match to the original DVD set, not the new Remix version.
Example filename: ARRESTED_DEVELOPMENT_S4E12E13E14E15.iso

Futurama Volume 3 was also missing. Added and rescanned the ISOs and the season was added, but certain episodes were missing. Rescanning again brought back some, but doubled up others. Rescanning the duplicates sometimes eliminated the dupe, sometimes added another missing one, sometimes both. Did this until they were all fixed, but it was odd behavior.
Example filename: FUTURAMA_S3E07E08E09E10E11E12.iso

Anything I can do to get the first two shows to behave? I had no such problems with either show previously, and the older library entries for both shows work properly.

Re: Problems scraping properly named shows

Posted: 08 Jun 2019, 18:38
by msyeed
In case anyone else is having this problem, I switched to TMDb and everything worked, albeit with different indexing of show specials. Not sure why TVDb is being erratic with MrMC, as when I scraped the same files with TVDb on Kodi as a test, I had no problems, but there it is. Maybe Kodi was falling back to TMDb when nothing was returned from TVDb?