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HDR10 Black Crush

Posted: 31 May 2019, 02:24
by three6zerocool
Hello. Just thought this might interest AppleTV4k users who have noticed black crush with HDR content.

I reported this initially as a bug with MrMC, but later discovered I was wrong, and that this is actually an Apple issue.
I then reported it to Apple using their Bug Reporter system.

I was then contacted by their TVOS development team, to which I responded to their enquiries, and sent them some files etc.

They responded stating that the files I sent were corrupt, and that Moovescape can not play them.
(whatever the heck that is?. some Mac video player I am assuming)

I told them I was using the fantastic MRMC, (the most awesome software in this or any universe) to which they replied that the black crush was down to me using an unsupported filetype 'HEV1' and that I was playing it on an unsupported app, and to use a supported app like 'Photos'
They say it is a bug in MrMC, and that similar test patterns pass their tests.

I got a bit annoyed at that point, and against better judgement, asked the person, if they got dropped on their head a lot as a child.

I suggested that as I can play the test pattern from a USB stick on my TV, and it triggers my TV to jump into HDR10 mode, and displays the pattern correctly, does this not eliminate the possibility of it being a playback issue in an App?.

Apple reinventing the wheel to suit themselves. 'We think a triangle shape would be better' (grin)