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Problem scheduling recordings with Tvheadend in latest release

Any issues that are tvOS specific
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Problem scheduling recordings with Tvheadend in latest release

Post by krammcc » 14 May 2019, 06:02

Since latest update to Mrmc, is anyone else using Tvheadend and found problems starting an instant recording either from the guide or pressing the record button within LiveTv?

Since updating to latest version, trying to record fails on a number of channels. Not always the same ones, seems to depend on what show is on. An error message pops up in Mrmc to report a PVR backend error.

My Tvheadend server is running on Synology NAS. All was working prior to update.

To work around the issue, I had Mrmc installed on an iPad still running the previous version. I was able to schedule the recording successfully from there, but now the iPad was updated to latest Mrmc version and seeing the issue on there too.

I've inspected the Mrmc log and the error is logged as Access Denied. Permissions are all fine in Tvheadend for the user account being used by mrmc which has full admin permissions. Also tried logging Mrmc PVR backed in via the Tvheadned admin account and same issue occurs.

I can schedule the recording directly in Tvheadend ok.

I've been able to workaround the issue somewhat by scheduling the recording using a guide based timer, so looks to be an issue with it being an instant recording specifically.

Have tested using Kodi v18 on a Windows PC against same Tvheadend server. It all works without any issue.

My TvHeadend server is running on Synology NAS. Running latest stable release.

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