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Problem With Movies and TV Shows In Fresh MrMc Install

Any issues that are tvOS specific
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Problem With Movies and TV Shows In Fresh MrMc Install

Post by b69cajw » 30 Nov 2018, 22:30


I appear to be having issues with a fresh installation of MrMc on TVOS. I've used XBMC / Kodi for ever, and MrMc since it was new and never really had any challenges. Usually I can work my way through any gotcha's but this one has stumped me.

I do make use of a MySQL database and have done for years - again never a problem. I recently erased my database to start fresh.

When trying to scan a movie (or TV Show) the movie scans, picks up the correct title but doesn't display any information. It's almost like it can't find any data on the movie.

Then - in my Movies section, I don't see the scanned movie(s) - all I see is a single option "MrMc - Movies" which doesn't do anything further.

Do we have a problem with scraping right now? I see there were some issues mid November but thought I would ask if anyone knows the reason I may be having issues?

My app build is MrMC 3.7-0 (from the App Store).

Does anyone have any thoughts?

Thanks in advance,

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