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Display of art while calculating duration

Posted: 10 Mar 2018, 11:44
by steve1977
This may be a rare issue as most users won't have so large databases. Still would like to point to one thing.

My setup: MrMC on ATV with mysql database on server.

I think this issue may be only relevant for the "MrMC skin".

When accessing the movie view, some movies take a very long time to cache the art info. I now realized that this is taking so long time, while MrMC is calculating the "total duration" (displayed on the bottom left).

Is this because of system load / server access? If so, possible to remove the "total duration"?

Re: Display of art while calculating duration

Posted: 11 Mar 2018, 01:14
by steve1977
Did some more testing. This is actually not a skin issue.

It is not about the display of the total duration, but it is about MrMC calculating it. While it is calculating it, the art in cache only shows up very slowly. After the calculation is complete, it is smappy for all cached movies.

It is easier to spot in MrMC skin as I can see that it is caculating it.

Is there any way in advancedsetting or somehow else to stop the "calculation total duration" to make access to caches artwork immediate after selecting the movie library?

Re: Display of art while calculating duration

Posted: 11 Mar 2018, 01:29
by steve1977
I found an old Kodi thread that explains the issue ( It looks that this may have never been fixed?

Any chance to see a solution for MrMC?

Also, there appears to be a work-around for Kodi (deselect 'extract thumbnails and video information), which appears not to be available for MrMC. Until this is fixed, any chance to introduce this option?