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Movie Information defaulting to Local

Any issues that are iOS specific
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Movie Information defaulting to Local

Post by DebbieFL » 23 Jun 2018, 09:17

Firstly, I absolutely love this app...for iOS devices, especially the playback options (Comskip with edl file, ffd/rew).

The only problem I am having is that matches on Movies default to “local” info. Note: the problem arises as the DVR I use to record movies doesn’t utilize an accepted MrMC naming convention...at least for files using smb path.

On every file, I have to select “movie information”, then “refresh” which then states “local information used”...choosing option ”ignore and refresh from the Internet”, and selecting yes results in viewing the name of the file (which is correct Name (Year) BUT also shows date/time recorded...part of file naming from current DVR service). Then if I delete the extra info (date/time recorded) MrMC will make a match...which I can then select. And the correct movie poster will be displayed.

Both Plex and Emby don’t seem to have this same problem with the DVR’s file naming convention. Proper matches are made without having to intervene.

Is there a setting or a change that could be allowed to ignore the data in the filename after the (Year) so that MrMC would make a match without user intervention? Current schema is Filename (Year) YEAR-MM-DD HRMN (caps are representative of date/time recording starts).

This is probably the same on tvOS app also, but I haven’t used that app very much lately...although I have purchased. As the apps are all separate on every iOS and tvOS device (no central database) this will become a nightmare to manage.

In closing, thank you for these apps...they are the best playback apps I’ve ever used.

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Re: Movie Information defaulting to Local

Post by timstephens24 » 23 Jun 2018, 11:18

I've renamed all my Channels DVR'd movies since I don't have Comcast anymore, but I had the same issue last year. I think what fixed it was switching to 'Universal Movie Scraper', and that should pick up all the movies correctly the first time, without having to refresh and choose the movie.

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