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Installing a MrMC on iPad 10.2.1

Any issues that are iOS specific
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Installing a MrMC on iPad 10.2.1

Post by ameibein » 21 Jun 2017, 12:21

Hi all, just attempting to install MrMC touch on my iPad 4 running 10.2.1 but it's saying the iOS is too old, in the App Store it says iOS 9 or later is fine.. am I missing something here?

Don't really want to upgrade as I'm waiting for a jailbreak.


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Re: Installing a MrMC on iPad 10.2.1

Post by amet » 21 Jun 2017, 12:27

I think iPad 4 is 32 bit and we only run on 64bit compatible devices.

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Re: Installing a MrMC on iPad 10.2.1

Post by f1d094 » 25 Jul 2017, 17:49

Yes, iPad 3 is dual core 32bit. Are there any plans on backporting? I have never done a migration for architecture before, so I have no idea the level of effort we're talking about, but it would be appreciated. Upgrading two perfectly functioning iPads is a pretty expensive proposition.

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