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How to migrate from Kodi/SPMC 14 to current MrMC

Posted: 18 Feb 2019, 21:36
by msyeed
I've done a bunch of searching and only gotten more confused. Here's my situation:

I've been using Kodi/SPMC 14 on an OUYA for years. Big-ish library, lots of custom data that didn't easily scrape. I've been using the backup extension to occasionally export backups as single files.

I've copied the entire contents of that media drive (which also hosted the Kodi library and backup files) to a volume being shared from a Time Capsule, accessible via SMB. I've got the media working, but it doesn't seem to recognize my library.

How can I get my existing library information into MrMC on an Apple TV 4? I'd prefer not to have to rescrape and recustomize everything.