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Favorites as Startup Window options

there is zero(0) promises that any of the requests will be fulfilled or even looked at
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Favorites as Startup Window options

Post by PlatypusW » 30 Sep 2018, 13:23

I feel like there is quite a lack of startup window up options. It would be great if your favorites were also selectable in this setting.

Currently I want to avoid confusion for any other user using MrMC and have it launch straight into TV Shows. This doesn't seem to be possible without additional clicks.

If favorites couldn't be an option, would adding 'TV Shows' and/or 'Movies' be possible instead of/as well as having the standalone 'Video' option?

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Re: Favorites as Startup Window options

Post by pecinko » 30 Sep 2018, 16:49

Opening favorites would open a window with a list of favorites. Which, I assume, would not be what you want.

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