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MrMC GUI background elements and HDR

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MrMC GUI background elements and HDR

Post by three6zerocool » 10 Aug 2018, 10:45

For users of AppleTV4k and similar devices, which have the ability to force display output in HDR/Dolby Vision.
Is it possible to have darker gui background elements when in forced Dolby Vision mode on AppleTV4k?

ie. The background visual elements look very bright, so assume they are designed for SDR?

I like Opacity, and it looks brilliant on an Oled, with inky blacks, and super dark greys, and just looks really nice.
However the default background,and the dark grey background look really washed out in HDR forced modes of the ATV4k.

Just wondered if something could be implimented to adjust when in HDR forced mode to make the gui background elements darker.

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