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Play next automatically improvements

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Play next automatically improvements

Post by inariel12 » 24 May 2018, 07:46

Dear MrMC developers, I would suggest an improvement for "binge-watchers".
I usually like to watch 2-3 episodes (at least) in the same sitting and I love the new Ariana skin (but it could be applied to each skin including Opacity).

Perhaps from the home view is not possible to start to watch a tv shows from the last episode and to leave MrMC playing the same shows until a manual stop.
Currently, I can start to watch an episode from the home view (Plex OnDeck in Ariana InProgress in Opacity) but when this one ends, MrMC returns to the home view and some time the focus is not on the new episode.

The only way to have this kind of behaviour is: 1) disabling the option "play next automatically" into the settings; 2) using Tv shows menu select manually the next episode to see and 3) using the context menu select "play from here" from the second page of context menu (I have to select other before) instead of play.
So, it seems that MrMC already support it so we could try to find a way 1) to allow to use it from home view and 2) to have it in the fist page of context menu so more people can discover this function.

The strange part is that option is disabled if "play next automatically" has been selected into the option so I think that it should enabled by default in this case but it doesn't work neither starting a video from home view neither from episodes list.

In another thread I suggested to embark an "add-on" from kodi "Next Up Notifications" that will improve MrMC in the same way allowing to start a play and to see a notification before the next start. The notification allows to cancel the next episode playing or to play the next item.


Thank you in advance for the time spent reading my post :D

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