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2. No, they really are not supported.
3. They are not coming back
4. Read from 1. again

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Feature Request

there is zero(0) promises that any of the requests will be fulfilled or even looked at
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Feature Request

Post by Perlbo » 26 Mar 2018, 17:37


Heard in Nvidia Forum that you consider to allow some "python" Addons.

It would be nice to see advanced WOL Launcher and/or Watched List for MCMR or similar function build in. :-)

I want to start TV Server with Key individually and not every time I start MRMC.

Keymapper would be nice to :-)

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Re: Feature Request

Post by Londo2017 » 26 Mar 2018, 20:38

Yeah - a real good wol launcher like advanced wol from kodi would be great! This is one of the last few things i am missing since i changed to mrmc...

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Re: Feature Request

Post by ekbsrk » 30 Mar 2018, 13:31

Agreed. I mentioned this on the nvidia forums as well, but streaming sports add ons like MLB.TV, NHL.TV etc would be great.

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Re: Feature Request

Post by Perlbo » 30 Mar 2018, 18:41

Yes ... Amazon Prime Addon would be great on my shield with mrmc... but that won't be possible with mcmc I think ...

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Re: Feature Request

Post by timstephens24 » 30 Mar 2018, 19:11

There's a dedicated Amazon app, or are you where there's no Amazon app? I know a few countries don't have it.

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Re: Feature Request

Post by amcfarla » 31 Mar 2018, 14:57

Since it seems this is the place people are requesting a few add-ons, I have one that would be nice to be added. You can presently add the HDhomerun PVR to the PVR items in the application so you can watch your local HDHomerun channels, but if you included HDHomerun add-on that would give subscribers access to their DVR service recorded content available in MrMC. Just a suggestion. Thank you.

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Re: Feature Request

Post by punking » 01 Apr 2018, 16:19

I'd like to see the LazyTV add-on incorporated into MrMC. It's a fun way of making an evening of TV and film.


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Re: Feature Request

Post by go2tom42 » 02 Apr 2018, 14:50

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Re: Feature Request

Post by amet » 02 Apr 2018, 15:24

moved to requests subforum

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