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Capturing Requests and Bugs

Google Play Store and App Store beta test feedback
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Capturing Requests and Bugs

Post by MediaDevil » 30 Jul 2019, 11:41

davilla wrote:
26 Jul 2019, 01:22
Regarding issues, we don't spend 100 percent of our time remembering every post on every thread.
Things slip can slip by. It does not help to have us hunt down the details. Just repost it and that's good enough to remind us. And if we ask for pictures to describe the issue, please provide them. We are not sitting next to you and we might not understand the exact issue. If we don't understand the issue, then we start making wild guesses.
amet wrote:
26 Jul 2019, 07:12
We have asked many times that only TF specific bugs be reported here for exactly this reason... reports get lost in 14 or so pages
Didn't want to pollute the Testflight thread. But is it worth using a tool for capturing issues so they aren't lost, makes it easier to prioritise, manage etc.

I know on MrMC GitHub you explicitly ask that bugs are not posted there. But maybe each time a bug is posted in the forum a GitHub issue is raised (by Amet or Davilla) and a reply with an ID sent to the person who raised it. No promises on a timeframe or that it will even ever be looked at but at least it's logged centrally and the user knows it was seen. Or maybe some other method. It just seems a bit messy at the moment digging through old forum posts and asking for reposts.

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