1. No user installed addons are supported, python or otherwise.
2. No, they really are not supported.
3. They are not coming back
4. Read from 1. again

Any mention of illegal streaming sites, addons or any pirated material will not be tolerated. This is not democracy and any offenders will be banned and posts deleted immediately without warning.

Other than that, we hope you enjoy MrMC so far and we welcome any input and feedback you might have.

Team MrMC.

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by DanTheMan827
21 Sep 2017, 20:19
Forum: Off-Topic
Topic: AD supported version?
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AD supported version?

With the release of the lite version, why not have a video ad play before media playback instead of limiting how many are displayed? Just a thought... A video ad seems like a good fit for a media player app, you get a decent amount of impressions for the people who don’t want to pay and you'd still ...
by DanTheMan827
21 Sep 2017, 19:24
Forum: tvOS - AppleTV 4/4K
Topic: Crash with 3.0.8 build
Replies: 11
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Re: Crash with 3.0.8 build

oh, I know what it is, Opps :) In v3.0.8, we added the same 'insecticide' that we do under android. It's purpose is to prevent parasites from taking a MrMC distribution, resigning with a different bundle id and changing some icons and redistributing it. We have already had this happen under the Ama...
by DanTheMan827
21 Sep 2017, 16:27
Forum: Support
Topic: Opacity skin suggestion
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Opacity skin suggestion

The new default skin in MrMC is much better in my opinion but there are some features that would be nice to have. I see that it takes inspiration from the new default skin in Kodi Being able to select categories from each respective item kind would be nice to have (Genres, Title, Year, Actors, etc.)
by DanTheMan827
16 Sep 2017, 20:39
Forum: Development
Topic: H.265 on tvOS 11.0
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Re: H.265 on tvOS 11.0

the new ATV5 is supposed to get the A10X (today's rumours, tomorrow brings the facts); then HEVC, 1080p,10bit, almost any bit rate, will be no issue at all. The Jellyfish, HEVC,10bit,20Mbps plays really smoothly on my iPad Pro 10.5, which has the the same SoC, with all players I have (MrMC, Kodi, i...
by DanTheMan827
08 Dec 2016, 15:21
Forum: News
Topic: Future Platform support
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Re: Future Platform support

Do you think we could ever see MrMC on game consoles? Microsoft supports third-party apps on the Xbox One and Nintendo has semi-public development tools available for their current systems... I'm not sure if Nintendo would allow apps aside from the big players like Netflix but Microsoft seems to hav...
by DanTheMan827
05 May 2016, 13:38
Forum: Requests
Topic: iOS Document Open In / Document Picker
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iOS Document Open In / Document Picker

Would it be possible to implement the iOS document picker to open files directly from things like flash drives? Or a couple other thoughts... Action extensions, one could have a file selected in another app and the MrMC player just slides up and starts playing the video Open In, the content gets cop...
by DanTheMan827
03 May 2016, 20:01
Forum: Support
Topic: Xcode Free Developer Account Installs Reduced to 7 Days...
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Xcode Free Developer Account Installs Reduced to 7 Days...

So, it appears that anyone who side-loads using Xcode will be limited to just 7 days between installs instead of the previous 90 days...

The paid developer accounts still last 1 year but who knows if Apple will even keep that limit... (in favor of Test-Flight)
by DanTheMan827
22 Mar 2016, 06:10
Forum: Read Only
Topic: iOS Testing 2.0.0 (160321.1758)
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Re: iOS Testing 2.0.0 (160321.1758)

There doesn't seem to be any background image on re-touched, only black
by DanTheMan827
11 Mar 2016, 21:45
Forum: Read Only
Topic: tvOS Testing 2.0.0 (160309.1649)
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Re: tvOS Testing 2.0.0 (160309.1649)

I can't seem to find the options to attempt to skip to the main menu for DVDs

Intentional or oversight?
by DanTheMan827
23 Jan 2016, 01:32
Forum: Read Only
Topic: tvOS Testing 1.2.1 (160120.456)
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Re: tvOS Testing 1.2.1 (160120.456)

Would it be possible to add options to control what's in the top shelf and also to reorder the sections?

Sections I personally would use:
Recently recorded tv
Recently added movies
In progress movies

I mainly use MrMC as a WMC front end and also to watch stored movies and tv shows