1. No user installed addons are supported, python or otherwise.
2. No, they really are not supported.
3. They are not coming back
4. Read from 1. again

Any mention of illegal streaming sites, addons or any pirated material will not be tolerated. This is not democracy and any offenders will be banned and posts deleted immediately without warning.

Other than that, we hope you enjoy MrMC so far and we welcome any input and feedback you might have.

Team MrMC.

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by qwijibo
05 Jul 2018, 12:26
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Topic: Testing MrMC 3.7.0 - [Invites Closed]
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Re: Testing MrMC 3.7.0

Can't seem to get custom playlists working with Plex libraries. Is this a limitation of the Plex integration or a bug?
by qwijibo
04 Jul 2018, 13:26
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Topic: PVR Timeline Categories
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PVR Timeline Categories

Finally jumped ship on my Shield after instability with nightlies getting worse and worse. Plex integration is fantastic and I can't wait to see what 3.7 brings. One small request being an heavy PVR user. Is it possible to add groups/categories as a selectable header in the PVR guide timeline? Simil...