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No TVshow information screen shown when trying to refresh scraping

Any issues that are Nvidia Shield TV specific
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No TVshow information screen shown when trying to refresh scraping

Post by DEX7ER_M0RGAN » 04 Jun 2018, 09:40

Dear MrMC Team,

I just moved from SPMC to MrMC as SPMC was having problems scraping information from various sources.

Now I'm configuring all my sources in MrMC (from local HDDs) for the scrapers to get the right content from each folder (everything has been working well in SPMC until recently).
I've noticed one thing while doing so: Some of my TV Shows have a particular german name which won't get scraped (scraping all info in english) as there's no corresponding english entry for the show in TheTVDB, meaning the folder remains unknown and without a cover. I've tried using the german scraper from TheTVDB for that particular folder, but also once I hit "scan for new content" mrmc is not able to scrape information for it.

Usually, I'd then hit "tv show information" from the contextual options to force a "Refresh" of the info, that would also let me amend the title, if necessary. Now here's the thing: No screen is shown that would let me hit that refresh button!
When I try to show info for shows that have automatically been scraped, all is working fine and the screen is shown. But for shows that need to be handled manually (for different reasons) then the show information screen does not show up.

Is this perhaps an error of the current version, or have I missed anything?

Thanks for your help in advance.

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