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AVCHD broken after 2.0 update

tvOS Video playback support subforum
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AVCHD broken after 2.0 update

Post by lost16 » 04 Apr 2016, 10:07

When you guys released MrMC I was really happy to find out that finally I could watch my hundreds of vacation videos from Canon HF100, mts files at 17 Mbps. They all played very smooth from a Synology NAS, over 1 Gb LAN, on SMB share.

Unfortunately I found since MrMC 2.0 release all mts files are stuttering every few seconds. However, I did not tried AVCHD playback last few MrMC releases, I am not sure if the problem occurred earlier.

I tried the fix somebody posted about turning off library update, without success, I am not using the library and this setting was always off.

Is there something changed in the latest MrMC updates that might affect AVCHD playback?

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Re: AVCHD broken after 2.0 update

Post by davilla » 04 Apr 2016, 13:08

lets get you into testfight for 2.1.0, I suspect audio issues.

email support@mrmc.tv with the email tied to your appleid.

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