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Audio with 5.1

tvOS Video playback support subforum
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Re: Audio with 5.1

Post by vandemaar » 30 Mar 2016, 21:17


I have no passthrough on a Marantz NR1606 - only static. Does not work with Infuse either.


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Re: Audio with 5.1

Post by HoIger » 24 Apr 2016, 15:16

Just wanted to let you know that I connected my ATV to my Denon receiver only to find out that 5.1 pass through produced only static noise in MrMC. Movies from iTunes worked fine though. I solved this issue by disabling "Reduce Loud Sounds" in the Audio and Video settings on the ATV.

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Re: Audio with 5.1

Post by osohardy » 05 May 2016, 17:34

I recently replaced my receiver with Denon X1200W and I am now experiencing borked passthrough with surround and only get static as well with dolby or dts. If I switch to stereo AAC track I get sound but it is distorted. I always have ATV settings "reduce loud sounds" OFF, audio "auto (now called best quality)", and of course passthrough enabled, dolby/dts capable enabled in MrMc. My old receiver was a Pioneer VSX 1020 and worked completely fine with dolby/dts passthrough. Unfortunately I cannot use MrMC at all right now. The native apple player or any app that uses it, which decodes dolby and passes PCM still works fine in my new setup.

I experience the same issue with Infuse app with passthrough-- and the Infuse team were able to replicate the issue with Denon/Marantz receivers as well on their end--there is a huge thread about it on their forum. Ultimately after some months they went the route of decoding in app and passing PCM ( the Pro version of Infuse is also a licensed decoder of dts-hd/trued). This works great. The way they described the issue seemed to be both apple TV hdmi out restrictions and chipset differences among receivers created a headache with passthrough. Do you have a Denon/marantz to replicate?

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Re: Audio with 5.1

Post by davilla » 05 May 2016, 17:42

Yes, I have both a Denon AVR-1912 (works) and a Denon AVR-W3200 (does not work). It's really a Denon issue as their 3200 and below (including Marantz clones) refuse to recognize PCM encapsulated IEC passthrough. Really pissed me off as I spent a grand to get the new Denon to replace the old one.

We have something in the works to resolve it, not ready yet.

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