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Re: New kid on the block

Post by Nandor690 » 12 Dec 2015, 04:20

I like this version. Iv tried kodi a few times in the past. On Apple TV 1 with a Broadcom chip. On Apple TV 2 and iOS. What I hated most about it are the exact things taken out of this one. And I'm greatful. Nothing ever worked and always a pain in the butt to manage.
Iv tried infuse also but never really liked it. Never liked how much flashblack cost either. And like you said, always feels like it's missing something.
Iv always liked plex. It's always been reliable. Even using PlexConnect. I had trouble in the beginning with the transcoding and lack of power my computer had. Iv built plenty of hackintoshes since then and one specifically as a server to connect all my computers and to run plex on Apple TV 4 and the Apple TV 2 in our bedroom.
I'm going to give this version an honest try and hopefully it wins my heart this time.

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