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Re: Future Skin Support

Posted: 20 Sep 2017, 15:22
by Everbrave
amet wrote:
05 Apr 2017, 17:33
Itzme1234 wrote:
05 Apr 2017, 17:23
Thanks for the update. Didn't mean to be a pest about it. Looking forward to testing again.
Not at all :)

We tend to overthink it and overdo it ... it will be in TestFlight soon... no eta :)
Actually, I’m looking forward to “loosing the skin” all together 😄; a completely redesigned UI please.

Re: Future Skin Support

Posted: 15 Nov 2017, 09:04
by kbaggen
Dear All,


I dont think the current one including the band new opacity really shines on ATV4 and as such I deem BOX beening the most suited if yet another skin should be intergrated :-)

Make me happy, plz!