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Movie Scraper not working

Any issues that are Android specific
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Movie Scraper not working

Post by RobinWatts » 02 Nov 2018, 09:55

Hi all,

I have MrMC version 3.7.0 running on an Amazon Fire TV (Gen 2 box). I have loads of DVD/Bluray movies ripped to an external NAS, and it using those. It's been working brilliantly.

Just recently I ripped another few movies, and the movie scraper is failing to find some details for them. It'll find the movie, and the tagline OK, but no director/writer etc, and (more importantly) no artwork.

Has the Universal Movie Scraper stopped working recently? Any ideas?


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Re: Movie Scraper not working

Post by RobinWatts » 03 Nov 2018, 00:07

OK, some more information. The scraper is working fine on my Gen 1 Amazon Fire TV box, but not on the Gen2.

I can only assume it's something specific to that installation. I've tried resetting the settings for the Universal Movie Scraper to defaults, but that didn't help.

Is it possible that it's limited in the amount of movies it can hold artwork for or something?

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Re: Movie Scraper not working

Post by amet » 03 Nov 2018, 05:32

No, it’s not related to a number of movies/shows

We have addressed those issues in 3.7.1 beta.


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