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Small annoying issue with Alexa

Any issues that are Android specific
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Small annoying issue with Alexa

Post by Chuckles » 19 Jun 2018, 00:49

Hi, I like supporting MrMC, and have the full version from both Google Play Store and Amazon App store.

Re: Nvidia Shield, Elements Fire TV, & Alexa Echo

There's one tiny annoying thing that keeps me from using this program as my main file player. While using MrMC, I can tell Alexa, "Alexa, pause." and my media will pause. But there is nothing I can do with MrMC to get it to resume. I have tried everything. "Alexa, resume. Alexa, play, Alexa resume on Fire TV..." nothing works.

Both SPMC and Kodi have no problem resuming. It's just a voice toggle. I can say "Alexa pause" and it will pause. Then I can say, "Alexa pause" and it will resume. I can also say "Alexa play" and "Alexa resume" -- it's all interchangeable. I can say "pause" "play" or "resume" and interact with my media. If media is playing, it will pause. If media is paused, it will play. It's handy, but MrMC doesn't work this way. MrMC only lets me pause, and I can never resume.

Amazon Elements 4K Fire TV
Nvidia Shield
Amazon Echo in the same room.

I connected my Echo to the Elements Fire TV, and I can turn the tv on or off by asking Alexa. But I actually don't use the Fire TV interface. I switch to HDMI port and use my Nvidia Shield. I can't get Alexa to open apps on my Shield, but once media is playing, I can have Alexa voice control media on my Shield as described above. Since I am a deeply lazy person, I find myself using SPMC or Kodi to play files on my NAS via SMB, instead of MrMC. I just wish MrMC would toggle playback with my voice in the same way as SPMC and Kodi.

If I had to guess, MrMC is probably coded correctly and more properly (why should saying Pause resume playback?), however, it's actually convenient having a simple voice toggle and the ability to resume.

I just thought I'd mention this, maybe there is an Alexa workaround I haven't thought of. I'm not interested in using the Google Assistant with the Nvidia game controller, but maybe that is my only option.

Even if this Alexa nitpick can't be fixed, I would be interesting in learning why SPMC and Kodi work with Alexa, but MrMC does not. Thanks!

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Re: Small annoying issue with Alexa

Post by koying » 19 Jun 2018, 06:44

Hi, that should be fixed in 3.7
Are you on the testflight?

EDIT: Ah, there is no current TF for Amazon, but should work the same way with Google

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Re: Small annoying issue with Alexa

Post by Chuckles » 20 Jun 2018, 16:05

No worries, thanks. I assume trying to control a Shield with Alexa is rather uncommon.

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