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Hello from Italy

Posted: 03 Oct 2018, 15:07
by pier78
Dear all,
this is Pier from Italy and I am looking to better understand the feasibility of what it is a key element for me, before purchasing the MrMC app for an Apple TV 4k.

Scenario: I have a Synology NAS running latest fw in "Apartment 1" and I would like to use the ATV 4k installed in "Apartment 2" to stream via MrMC movies stored in my NAS (i.e. from remote).

Can I do this? Can I simply refer to my synology quickconnect (DDNS) address in MrMC setup?

Many thanks in advance for your help.

Re: Hello from Italy

Posted: 04 Oct 2018, 02:04
by timstephens24
The easiest way to do this is to use Plex (or Emby). The only issue you might run into is your upload bandwidth at Apartment 1, but hopefully you have good enough speeds over in Italy. :lol:

Re: Hello from Italy

Posted: 04 Oct 2018, 16:22
by pier78
Hi Tim, thanks for your reply!
Well, just to be sure that I got correctly your suggestion: I can use MrMC on my ATV 4K @Apartment2 if I run plex or emby (as a server) on my Synology NAS @Apt1 ? correct?
Yep, bandwidth shouldn't be an issue ;)
Thx a lot!

Re: Hello from Italy

Posted: 04 Oct 2018, 21:34
by timstephens24
Yup, that's the easiest way to do it.

Re: Hello from Italy

Posted: 09 Oct 2018, 08:02
by pier78
Thanks Tim.
I was reading that also it is possible to point at my "remote" NAS via WebDav (enabled on my synology) MrMC will directly map the directory and build the library.

This solution sounds more easy/straightforward than setting up a plex or emby server on NAS.....but as "devil is in the details" :twisted: I was wondering which are the Pros and Cons of the two solutions ?? :roll: