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MrMC iOS 11.2 iPad - setup / features questions

Posted: 06 Oct 2017, 17:47
by bayarnd
Hello everyone, to the forum, just installed MrMC on my iPad (using Opacity) and considering to use it for TV media streaming too, replacing my WD TV devices.
I hope the more experienced forum users can give me some tips on the following questions; I did not find answers in the wiki so far:

1. Home screen “Movies” - it seems, all media files from all network shares with the content type ‘movies’, are merged into one long list under “Movies”. Since I have e.g. lo-res and hi-res versions of the same files in different source directories, I now have duplicate entries in the “Movies” list and since the file size is not listed, selection of the correct file is try and error. Is there a way to create additional entries on the home screen, e.g. “Movies lo-res” and “Movies hi-res”?

2. I don’t see a “Home” shortcut in the Opacity skin, so going back to home requires several clicks on the ‘back’ arrow in the lower left. Is there a quicker way to jump to the home screen on a touch screen device?

3. Is there a quick way to jump to the top of a movie list? It seems that I have to scroll manually from the end of my list (1000+ File entries) back to the top?

4. Some of my movie files show an “HD”, other do not even If they have the same resolution. Is there a menu entry where I need to flag a file as “HD”?

5. Retrieval of Movie ratings (both from IMDB or TMDB) is inconsistent. If I select the ratings source Rotten Tomatoes it does not seem to work at all. Is that a general issue? Download of all other info from those sources works remarkably well, though..

I am grateful for all tips and ideas, thank you..

Re: MrMC iOS 11.2 iPad - setup / features questions

Posted: 07 Oct 2017, 04:21
by amet

1. Yes, all “movie” sources are automagically bundled into movie entry and there is no way to create different entry for it.

2. There is no home shortcut at the moment, only option in Opacity is to keep going back. We will look into it for future releases.

3. No, there isn’t a quick way to jump to the top

4. No, MrMC will scan the file and tag it. Bottom right will show the resolution, audio channels, codecs ... etc

5. I’ll have a look what the issue is there... but we do not have rotten tomatoes in any of the information providers, where are you seeing this option? On my side, I can only select IMDb and tmdb as rating provider.


Re: MrMC iOS 11.2 iPad - setup / features questions

Posted: 07 Oct 2017, 11:47
by davilla
for quick scroll to top, use the scroll bar to right of item list.

Re: MrMC iOS 11.2 iPad - setup / features questions

Posted: 07 Oct 2017, 18:31
by bayarnd
Thank you for your comments..

4. Yes, that works most of the time, but I was hoping for options to either manually enter missing data or rescan selected single files. I just checked 20 movie files (all appeared to be similar, recent .mkv files) and 13 show Codec, Resolution and audio format, 7 only show a rating but nothing else. I tried the “refresh” option, but no change.
5. Under Media Sources I selected a directory, then selected “universal movie scraper” and then I selected the option under “settings - universal movie scraper / rating / get ratings from Rotten Tomatoes”
(I have not found yet how to upload a screenshot attachment to this post)

Re: MrMC iOS 11.2 iPad - setup / features questions

Posted: 08 Oct 2017, 14:51
by amet
5. just looked at it, rotten tomatoes is no longer supported as the public API has been shut down by them, apparently yearly subscription fee is around $10k :shock: