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Plex collections not working in MrMC

Support for the native Plex Client on any platform
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Re: Plex collections not working in MrMC

Post by timstephens24 » 17 Feb 2017, 23:44

They do, but it's a filter and craziness that happens. It's not good, but Elan said they'd be slowly working on making Collection support better.

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Re: Plex collections not working in MrMC

Post by sdsnyr94 » 20 Feb 2017, 02:10

I guess I've gotten a bit spoiled between Kodi's set's, and then moving to Plex I was using PlexKodiConnect which allowed sets, since it utilized Kodi's Database.

Thanks for the info, I didn't even realize that Plex natively does not handle Collections/Sets well.

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Re: Plex collections not working in MrMC

Post by convertapple » 10 Mar 2017, 13:31

cosmoxl: Go to Filter->Collections on a Plex Library and you can select one, you can easily create them in Plex too. I use nfo files which Plex/MrMc/Kodi all read so metadata is consistent between all. Plex doesn't seem to group them in the way MrMc would with native libraries.

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