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mrmc_env.properties not working in 3.2

Any issues that are FireTV specific
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mrmc_env.properties not working in 3.2

Post by megamob » 30 Oct 2017, 15:43

I was successfully using mrmc_env.properties in version 3.1, I upgraded to 3.2 and it stopped working. After the upgrade, I could not get to the main menu of MrMC. The app would either dark-grey screen forever or just quick exit.

I first tried to just clear cache at the Amazon FireOS level, but that had no effect. I did get MrMC working again by clearing cache AND data at the Amazon FireOS. However, there were no files in the /storage/sdcard1/Android/data/tv.mrmc.mrmc/files directory and MrMC was using the internal sdcard.

I moved the .mrmc directory from the 'files' directory on internal sdcard to the 'files' directory on the external sdcard1 and ensured that my mrmc_env.properties pointed at the sdcard1 location. Once again, I got grey-screen hangs or quick exits from the application.

What am I doing wrong?

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Re: mrmc_env.properties not working in 3.2

Post by davilla » 30 Oct 2017, 16:08

Humm, we changed nothing regarding mrmc_env.properties.

Did the FireTV OS update ?

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Re: mrmc_env.properties not working in 3.2

Post by megamob » 30 Oct 2017, 16:57

So... the last OS update my FireTV received was over a month ago (September 21, 2017). I know that I set up MrMC initially the first week of October.

I haven't really done that much with MrMC yet, so I can try from scratch. Before I do, let's review the plan:
  1. uninstall MrMC
  2. delete mrmc_env.properties from the root of internal storage
  3. ensure the Android/data/tv.mrmc.mrmc directories on both internal and external sdcard storage locations are deleted
  4. re-install MrMC
  5. launch MrMC
  6. exit MrMC
  7. recreate mrmc_env.properties in the root of internal storage containing the single line

    Code: Select all

  8. move Android/data/tv.mrmc.mrmc/files directory from internal to external storage
  9. launch MrMC
Good plan?

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