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Poster display Opacity vs MrMC skin

Any issues that are tvOS specific
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Poster display Opacity vs MrMC skin

Post by steve1977 » 10 Mar 2018, 11:19

I discovered an awkward issue. I am running MrMC on an ATV. I am accessing a mysql database, where all my movie info is stored.

When using the "MrMC skin, all poster and fanart display properly.

When running "Opacity skin", around 80% of posters and fanart display properly. The others don't up. Let me clarify a bit what I mean by "not showing":

* When hovering over the movie (for the 20% non-working), nothing shows at first (black poster and black fanart). Basically same as the info not being cached yet, so the same movie shows instantly with "MrMC skin" and I assume art caching is not a skin specific feature?

* After around 10sec, the fanart actually shows correctly, But the poster does not show. Instead, the fanart also shows as poster (16:9, same art as fanart) instead of the real poster

* When going to "movie information", the poster is also not being displayed (but the fanart instead). However, when selecting "choose art", the right poster shows up under poster. Also, "refresh" does not change / improve the situation

This bug feels very weird to me as this is working with one skin, but not the other. Any thoughts?

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Re: Poster display Opacity vs MrMC skin

Post by davilla » 10 Mar 2018, 16:54

Are you running folder.jpg thumbs ? There was a bug fixed in TestFlight for 3.5.1

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Re: Poster display Opacity vs MrMC skin

Post by steve1977 » 11 Mar 2018, 01:09

Thanks. Yes, it looks like this is the issue (or at least related).

I don't have any folder.jpg files, but had some thumb.jpg. The movies with this issue are the ones that have thumb.jpg files. I deleted the thumb.jpg files and (after a refresh) the movie shows fine. As I don't really need the thumb.jpg, I am ok to go ahead and delete all of them.

Not sure this is fixed in TF yet also for thumb.jpg, but may be worth doing? It is not an issue for all skins, but it is for Opacity.

Only remaining issue now for me is that I need to refresh all movies as otherwise the old thumb.jpg remains in cache. Any idea what's the easiest way to do so?

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