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Composer Tag in Music Library

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Composer Tag in Music Library

Post by chris_germany » 08 Nov 2017, 15:31

Hi all,

since MeMC supports Kodi v17 db formats the composer tag can be part of the metadata of music titles.

This is a major improvement for classical music and makes kodi finally usable for this purpose.
So my music library makes extensive use of the composer tag and I enjoy this with my kodi client very much.
I customized my views (Audio nodes) using the Library node editor to get great results.

My library is shared (mysql) and also used by MrMc which works well because MrMc is able to accept Kodi v17 libraries.

Unfortunately I am not able to change the views to access the composer tag.
Is there a way to define new Audio nodes or to use a function similar to the Library node editor to make the composer tag usable in the music related views?


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