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Language Prference selector

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Language Prference selector

Post by vlaves » 08 Oct 2016, 08:04

Hello devs,

I found this Language preference selector addon in the Kodi forum here: http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=153783

And as we got to know here that you are working on a new simple skin, it might be good to incorporate such funktionality into MrMC itself.

This would lead to a skin where you just choose "the language" of a movie or it is automatically choosen by the set MrMC language. Automatically only forced subtitles in the selected language is selected.

Make also the downloadable subtitles optional in Skin please. If users have a well maintained library, then subtitle downloading is not whished, as in my case at least, so it would be great if it is hidden from skin. If a user chooses to activate this functionality it should be shown.

So the end result will be then an OSD where you can choose the language of the movie (speak audio language) nd optionally be able to activate the complete subs in different languages (as forced are always shown in the selected language).

Should make the OSD much more clean. And it would fit to a Bluray-language-selection logic which also applys abviously to the most mkv's we are all playing from out own ripped and owned Blu-rays. Maybe even make it optional too choose while starting a movie the language you want to play the movie before playback starts..

Hope something like that can be achived for next release as it seems the author of the plugin is integrating that functionality in core Kodi, so that code can be reused by you guys maybe (I love open source :)).

Would be really happy about a comment from the devs about that.

Thanks again for your work and that great mediaplayer you brought to us :)

Regards / pozdrav

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