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Home screen behaviour

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Home screen behaviour

Post by jabohn » 11 Jan 2018, 02:24

Using the default skin, I'd like to see a slight behaviour change on the home screen to make it act a bit more like a native tvOS app.

Some ideas:
- The Menu button on the remote should take you back to MrMC's menu (Movies, TV Shows etc) no matter where you have scrolled to. For instance, if I have scrolled to the right in Recently Added, to get back to the menu I would currently have to scroll all the way back to the left. If I press the Menu button, it just exits MrMC. Instead, pressing Menu should go back to the the menu. If you press Menu again while in the menu, then it would exit MrMC. This is like most other tvOS apps. It's like one extra step when pressing the Menu button before it exits the app.
- Your selection should be retained after playing an item. Currently if you pick a video from Recently Added or In Progress and play it, when you return to the main screen, that video is no longer selected. The selection has been moved to the Menu instead. It should stay selected on the video you just played.

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